Apple iPhone 5 vs Android: The Future of Smartphones

Technology is shooting forward into the future and smartphones are leading the pack...

There are big changes coming in the smartphone world. With the release of the iPhone 5 just around the corner and several Android based phones just after that, we have some things to discuss.

Apple iPhone 5

Apple has a reputation of going big or going home when it comes to releasing new products. When Apple was transitioning from the iPhone 3GS to the 4, no one knew anything about the new phone. The whole world was watching and ultimately, they were pleasantly surprised with what they saw. Therefore, we are all hoping for another amazing product. September 12th, the purported event where the new iPhone will be released, is 6 days away. Now, no one official from Apple has come out and announced anything, but the invitations have a very un-subtle secret shadow message they are hoping you decode.(See the shadow?) Since nothing has been confirmed though, all the upcoming information is more of a 'what we're hoping for', but since the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple's secrecy has significantly declined. More leaks than ever are coming out about the phone, which shall be discussed here: A Significantly Larger Screen: With most smartphones reaching close to 5", there will most likely be a larger screen. With a little comparison you'll be able to see what I'm talking about: Current iPhone: 3.5" Samsung Galaxy Note: 5.3" Samsung Galaxy SIII: 4.8" Motorola Droid RAZR: 4.3" Upcoming Galaxy Note 2: 5.55" So as you can see, Apple needs to step it up a little bit. Pun intended. Resolution: Retina display last year changed the game. They were saying such things like, "with pixel density so high, your eye is unable to distinguish individual pixels." This time around we are expecting nothing less, especially since Apple apparently thinks their phone is more capable of seeing pixels than our eyes are.....because most people know what an individual pixel looks like.(This is actually what it looks like, and no that isnt a spec of dirt: ) Thinner: recent rumors are showing a slimmer iPhone. Pretty self explanatory. Not much difference here, but it will most likely feel better in your hands. Processor: A faster and more battery efficient processor will probably be seen, hopefully somewhere around 1.5 GHz. Network: 4G LTE is a must at this point. It was a shame when it wasn't out on the last model. I can see how they got away with it though; many iPhone 4 users thought they had 4G. I spoke with numerous users who said they had the iPhone 4G which, in most consumers' minds meant 4th generation and 4G capabilities...tricky tricky Apple. iOS 6 will be on this device and there are supposed to be some big changes. There isn't much word out yet but there will probably be something with Siri and some little updates to the interface. The camera. The beloved iPhone camera. Expected to have atleast an 8MP here. Everyone seems to love the 5MP and if Apple can ramp it up, then they might have a huge selling point. There is much to be expected obviously. Like I said before, the last generational update from Apple was humongous and we should be expecting nothing less this time around. Click "next" for part 2, Android...

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