Around The World In 80 Hours

How big is the world, really? Is there a way you could actually experience it all?

Legendary author Jules Verne certainly pondered this question, inspiring him to write Around the World in 80 Days, featuring main character Phileas Fogg on a journey to lap the globe, beginning and ending in Central London.

Now, where Fogg mainly travelled by train and steamer, that's where you and Betway come in!

Compiling a ton of helpful information involving the miles you'd need to travel and precisely how many stops you'd make when travelling by car, boat, plane etc., their Around the World in 80 Hours guide is all you need to experience everything this world has to offer!

Betway Ad Around The World

Thankfully, advancements in technology and the invention of better vehicles means you can crunch that original 80 days into a far shorter amount of time. Use Betway's routes by car and it'll take 23.5 days - or you can focus entirely on boats for a whopping 71.5 days.

The shortest route, though? That goes to using planes, which will see you loop the planet across a staggering 27,788 miles in just 3.3 days. The only thing that gets in the way is the need to stop for fuel, but if you're an intrepid adventurer in a hurry, this is the option for you.

Regardless of how you want to achieve this incredible feat, this guide is the only thing you need!

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