Banksy: 7 Great Artistic Achievements So Far

3. Barely Legal

Banksy has occasionally done art display over the years but one show that stands out is his 2006 Los Angeles exhibition "Barely Legal". Held at a large industrial warehouse, there was a already a large hype and the LA community eagerly aniticipated what the UK street artist would unleash. What followed was a three day art expo that featured an attendance ranging from art critics, Hollywood celebrities and dozens of media outlets checking out Banksy originals prints that were going on sale for over $500. The gallery featured many of Banksy's work at the time but also included one notable living, breathing exhibit. By renting a large elephant, Banksy and his staff painted the elephant in child's finger paint to match the wallpaper and become a camouflaged "elephant in the room". The phrase "elephant in the room" refers to an unpleasant subject that nobody is comfortable enough to discuss, but it's such a huge issue that it is impossible to ignore. Painting an elephant regardless artistic intent, received controversy from animal rights activists. The paint used was non-toxic paint for kids and the piece featuring the elephant made the animal into a symbol of unavoidable truth instead of out right exploitation. Banksy has done large scale art work before but to successfully use an elephant to illustrate the idea that there are issues that can't be ignored forever would be an impressive accomplishment for any writer. The notorious prankster from across the pond went big for his LA show and it was a gamble that paid off in with an unforgettable performance from one amazing elephant. Barely Legal was an art exhibit where Banksy largely remained behind the curtain, but his presence was felt through his art work for those three day in '06.
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