Beetlejuice Returns To Universal's Halloween Horror Nights 2021

The Ghost with the most will be at Universal Studios between Sept 1 and Oct 31.

Spring may be just around the corner but for Universal Halloween Horror Nights fans it's never too early to get excited for the spooky season.

A new house has been announced for this year's Halloween Horror Nights 2021 event, none other than our favourite ghost with the most... Beetlejuice!

Say his name three times and find yourself transported into the world of Beetlejuice. You'll be a part of his chaotic wedding, "he'll abandon you to your fate in the Lost Souls Room" and of course, the infamous dinner party scene.

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 2020 Tribute
Universal Orlando

Due to the pandemic restrictions, last year's HHN event in Orlando was scaled back, which meant that poor Beetlejuice only featured for a short period of time. It's excellent to hear he'll be back for longer this time out and more HHN goers will get to experience his maze.

Beetlejuice is a huge fan favourite at Universal parks making regular appearances interacting with visitors. He's one of the funnest characters to mingle with thanks to his "deathly" good sense of humour.


Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Orlando Resort will run on select nights from 3rd September up until 31st October, 2021. This year Universal have set out a massive 42 nights for the evening event!

At this time tickets have not yet been released. Expect plenty more announcements to come soon!

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