Congratulations Facebook: You Just Nailed Recommendations

Game over. Zuckerberg just completed the Internet.

Dog Facebook are always sneaking new little details onto our feeds, hoping that those inclined to be outraged by the smallest of things don't notice, or that we will actually all surprisingly find their additions helpful, and just get on with looking at each other's holiday snaps as God intended. Their decision to add News page recommendations was one such evolution that probably didn't make all that many waves with the normal social media using customer, but thanks to some of the most incredibly pertinent, and horribly inappropriate linked-marketing, the function has just gone up in our estimations considerably. Sometimes it's inevitable that a news story will get shared on social media, and if there's a sure-fire model for success, it usually involves someone being stupid and sex, so the Metro's Valentine's Day special story about a 19 year old man who had sex with his girlfriend's dog, and left the pictorial evidence on her phone for good measure was always going to score highly. Naturally, it ended up being shared just now by the friend of a friend, and Facebook added its usual recommendations, leading to the glorious example of serendipitous marketing ever seen on a news feed below...
Nailed it.
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