Disney World Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Happiest Place On Earth

The Most Magical Quiz On The Internet.


Disney World Resort in Orlando is full of fun facts, secret joys and hidden wonders, and is also steeped in a rich history. But more than anything it is simply the happiest place on earth and one that warrants multiple visits to discover all it has to offer.

Even after thoroughly exploring the various theme parks, restaurants and shops there are still nuggets of trivia and elements to the resort that leave you amazed or that can start many ‘did you know….’ conversations amongst Disney enthusiasts.

For example did you know, Cinderella’s castle only has one bedroom, which is only available for competition winners to spend the night in? Or did you know that in Animal Kingdom there's a tree lady named DiVine who blends in with the shrubbery?

So how many Disney 'did you knows' do you know?

Take our magical quiz and let's find out...

1. What Year Did Disney World Officially Open?


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