Disneyland: 5 Insider Secrets From A Former Disney Princess

Playing princess in the most magical place on earth isn't all pixie dust and ball gowns...


Almost every girl dreams of transforming into their favorite Disney princess and for some, their wish gets granted.

Every year, hundreds of new women get hired to play dress up and greet guests in the style of beloved characters. I was one of those lucky girls who packed up their whole life and moved to the most magical place on earth to be a princess.

Slowly but surely, I learned the secrets behind the beautiful gowns and wigs. And after coming back to reality and escaping the castle, it's only natural that I'd want to share five secrets only a former Disney princess would know.

Just in case you get the call too...


5. You Have To Look Right (And Stay That Way)

By Petr Kratochvil [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons

Garnering the coveted spot of Disney Princess does not mean it’s yours forever. Every year, the girls meet with people from both the costume and casting departments to ensure they’re still “fit” for the role.

And as part of the rigorous expectations, Princesses get a pay premium to cover gym expenses, makeup, and other cosmetic needs to keep up their royal looks.

So if it seems they're not using the extra cash for the right purposes, they may be asked to lose weight, change up their skin regiments, or end up fired completely during this meeting.

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