Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge: 13 Things You Need To Know

What it's like to stay in the heart of Africa at Walt Disney World.

Disney's Animal Kingdom Lodge is both Walt Disney World's largest and newest deluxe resort. Set against a backdrop of African savannahs, it is the closest hotel to the Animal Kingdom Park and is home to around 200 animals. With its unique theming and beautiful collection of African art, Animal Kingdom Lodge is an experience like no other and no true Disney fan should go a lifetime without staying there. If you are thinking whether this is the right resort for you, take a look at my guide of everything you need to know about staying at this little piece of Africa in Orlando.

13. There Are Subtle Rules You Must Follow

Due to the wildlife at Animal Kingdom Lodge there are naturally some restrictions for guests. Most of these are common sense, such as don€™t hang towels over the balcony, don't feed or touch the animals but there's little things you can easily overlook. Keep in mind you will not be allowed to take your newly purchased balloon back to your room and if you spot something out of place on the savannah you have a responsibility to inform a cast member. The savannahs are also equipped with cameras so can spot when guests are trying to feed left over Mickey waffles to the giraffes. The cast member at check in should talk you through these rules, but they are also noted in your room to look at. You shouldn't find these rules at all restrictive and they won't impact your holiday but unlike other Disney hotels, it's a living animal reserve and although it's fantastic for kids, they may need to be slightly monitored more closely.

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