Epcot's Lost Mascot: 5 STRANGE Facts About Buzzy's Disappearance

Disney World's strangest crime...


Countless Disney rides and attractions have closed since opening day of Disneyland back in 1955. But sometimes, just because a ride closes doesn't mean its replaced. Epcot's Cranium Command has been a hot topic for Disney fans since its closing in 2007, specifically its star, Buzzy.

Cranium Command was a comedic presentation talking about the importance of the human brain and was hosted by the animatronic, Buzzy. Inside Out is quoted as being inspired by the old attraction, so it's easy to see why Disney goers loved it.

But years later, in 2018, their beloved animatronic named, "The Mascot of Epcot" by many, went missing. The online subculture of Disney Park fanatics went insane, treating this discovery as a true kidnapping.

These are the most bizarre facts surrounding the disappearance of a Disney animatronic.


5. Urban Explorers

To understand the disappearance of Buzzy, you have to first understand the intriguing subculture of "Urban Explorers". An urban explorer is someone who visits abandoned parts of a Disney Park while filming and taking pictures for social media.

One of the most popular spaces to "explore" is the abandoned Wonders of Life Pavilion in Epcot. This pavilion closed in 2007 and was never replaced. Inside, lied the corpses of ride "Body Wars" and attraction "Cranium Command".

It was considered a "win" for explorers if they could find and film Buzzy without getting caught by a cast member.

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