Every Animal That Was Declared Extinct In 2018 (And Those Likely To Go In 2019)

Humans have accomplished many wonderful things, but that doesn't mitigate the extinctions we cause.


Believe it or not, animals go extinct all the time. Sadly, the rate of extinction has increased so much since humans spread across the planet, many scientists believe we are living in a major extinction level event... and we are likely responsible.

Every year, more and more species are added to the list of endangered and extinct animals with 2018 being no exception. It is currently estimated that animals are going extinct at a rate 1,000 to 10,000 times the natural rate. In 2018, the world lost some remarkable animals including several bird and mammal species.

Though 2019 has only just begun, one species has already been declared extinct while several others have been added to the list of those likely to disappear sometime this year.

With so many species threatened by deforestation, habitat loss, pollution, climate change, poaching, and every other horror humans have wrought upon the planet, it's a wonder more haven't disappeared at a faster rate. These are the major species that disappeared in 2018 and the ones likely to blink out of existence in 2019.

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