Every Epic Rap Battles Of History Ranked

Ranking 83 battles from worst to best...

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Epic Rap Battles of History has been around for eleven years... doesn't that make you feel old?

The iconic YouTube series, which pits historical and/or pop culture figures against each other in a rap battle format, has more than earned its astonishing level of success. The team behind the series, especially creators and writers Nice Peter and Epic Lloyd, have done an incredible job over the years and the brilliantly-written bars, catchy beats and high-quality visuals have allowed this to be one of the most entertaining things on YouTube.

It hasn't all been smooth sailing of course and just like any series that gets to this number of instalments, the quality is somewhat up and down. For example, season five was consistently disappointing. Still, after a hiatus of a few years, the show has come back on absolutely top form so things are going well for the series right now.

With season seven having recently begun with the show's 83rd battle, it's a great time to look back and see how the battles all stack up. So, which episode is the overall winner? And which deserves the most YouTube dislikes? It's time to find out....

83. Bill & Ted Vs. Lewis & Clark

Rappers: Rhett & Link (Lewis & Clark), Nice Peter (Ted) and Epic Lloyd (Bill).

This episode, the seventh of season four, is the worst ERB instalment to date. Why? Because it's unquestionably the most boring of them all.

It takes two pairs of characters who have nothing to do with each other and literally doesn't give them a single memorable line. Lacking flair, zest, creativity or energy, this feels like it was written in half an hour, and only to ensure that season four would have the right number of episodes.

Nice Peter, Epic Lloyd and co are a brilliant team who generally produce good material but with this one they really dropped the ball and this is arguably their worst episode. That's ironic, since it followed 'Steven Spielberg Vs. Alfred Hitchcock', which is one of the best of all time.

Best Line:

Lewis & Clark: "We inspired pioneers and travellers near and far / You inspired air guitar and Dude, Where's My Car?"


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