Everything You Need To Know About DreamWorks Land At Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort's new theme park land is only a few months away!

Universal Orlando Resort Dreamworks Land
Universal Orlando Resort

Opening later this year, DreamWorks Land at Universal Orlando Resort is set to be the go to place for little... and big kids.

The new land at Universal Studios Florida will be filled with beloved characters and plenty of things for the smaller members of your group to enjoy.

Finding a home within the brand new land will be everyone's favourite ogre Shrek, the Kung Fu Panda himself Po and of course, Trolls.

In addition to the themed areas of the land there's also set to be a DreamWorks Imagination Celebration area with a dance party atmosphere and a meet and greet area for other characters, including Gabby from Gabby's Dollhouse.

Taking over from Kids Zone, DreamWorks Land will once again will be themed with the littlest members of your party in mind. Though that doesn't mean there won't be things that everyone will enjoy.

With the new area of Universal Studios Florida opening this summer, the creative minds behind the resort have released more information about the exciting expansion.

From memorable locations from the movies to a rollercoaster, it looks like we can expect some fun meet and greets as well as some sweet treats. With the new area just mere months from opening, this is everything you need to know about the brand new DreamWorks Land coming to Universal Orlando Resort...

3. Escape Evil Spiders In The Trolls Village

Universal Orlando Resort Dreamworks Land
Universal Orlando Resort

If there is one group of characters perfect for a theme park, it's the Trolls. Their colourful and vibrant energy is set to come to life within the Trolls Village.

Along with a "magnificent fountain" featuring Poppy and Branch, the Trolls area of the new land will feature the "Trollcoaster." The bright orange and yellow. family-friendly rollercoaster is set to be the perfect ride for the smaller ones in your group looking to ride their first coaster... or even the bigger members who want a bit of kiddie fun.

The "Trollcoaster" entrance queue will feature a marquee of some of your favourite characters including "Poppy, Viva, Tiny Diamond, Satin and Chenille." To board the coaster you'll hop onto the " iconic Caterbus," where you'll try to escape from spiders.

Within the Trolls section of the new land you won't just find the "Trollcoaster," kids can play in the "shaded" area of "Poppy's Playground." Located under a giant mushrooms, there's climbing structures along with "flowers and bugs."

If you're looking for something sweet to eat, then "Trolls Treats" is the place for you. Poppy’s boombox has been turned in to a kiosk where you can grab colourful ice-creams. Branch has a huckleberry-flavoured BroZone Berry ice-cream whilst Poppy's is a pink lemonade-flavoured Poppy-licious Pink.

The Trolls section of DreamWorks Land is also home to the "High Five Hideaway," where you can pick up lots of DreamWorks merchandise.


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