Google Augmented Reality Eyewear

Google reveals details of its research enterprise into augmented reality glasses. Yesterday, Google revealed details of its research enterprise into augmented reality glasses. Further information was released on YouTube to substantiate rumours of Google€™s foray into building a unique set of specs. The images of the eyewear reflect €˜Minority Report€™ level technology (though the style reminds me more of the Scanners from the anime €˜Dragonball Z€™) and feature a microphone with a translucent video screen over the users right eye. It seems fair to make the assumption it has Bluetooth capability in order to connect to phones. There's no indication of when this could go on sale or how much it would cost. "A group of us... started Project Glass to build this kind of technology, one that helps you explore and share your world, putting you back in the moment," said a statement from Google X - the firm's experimental lab. "We're sharing this information now because we want to start a conversation and learn from your valuable input." Power Level Over 9000 The design has already faced a barrage of comments. Many people find it a too far-fetched concept. Like generations of the past, the idea of a progression into the future scares certain individuals. Others see this new research as a fulfilment of a prophesy proposed by €˜The Guardian€™ in 2001 €œFrom man to Borg €“ is this the future?€ I think of industrial sector applications. The benefits that could be provided for medical and military purposes are infinite. One example is the Battlefield Augmented Reality System, where having information overlaid on your view of the world could be a matter of life and death. A €˜heads up display€™ of patient€™s vitals could be invaluable. For a public market I do think it could be a valuable commodity even if it is a bit on the €˜007€™ side of technological development. Despite being another way to hurt ones-self with continuous push notifications, we€™ve all missed important phone calls from having our phone in our pocket. With visual notifications I would hope to find the removal peoples ridiculous ring tones from the hustle of daily life a welcome advancement. It could provide pleasant procrastination from a down trodden board meeting or be used to save and record important information in real time. Unfortunately not enough information has been released that I could make €˜Terminator€™,€˜Ironman€™ or €˜Cloverfield€™ references to name but a few. My message to would be Google €œif you build it, they will come.€ Source: Google +1

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