Google Doodle Wishes You A Merry Christmas Day

Google celebrates Christmas Day with a brand new Google Doodle on their homepage.

Google has once again brought a little bit of festive cheer to their website with a brand new Christmas Google Doodle. Using a festive lights display to transform their traditional logo, Google's little elves have created a little masterpiece. On first inspection, today's Christmas Google Doodle is not particually fancinating, with the word Google written in basic Christmas lighting on a white snowy background. But the whole thing comes to life when you click on one of the coloured buttons beneath each letter. Each letter has an accompanying sound and, once clicked, becomes a more festive icon and the screen turns black - illuminating the lights. The first letter "G" is transformed into a giant blue snowflake. Santa Claus becomes the first of the two "o"s, while a bell takes the shape of the second. The lowercase "g" is represented by a snowman, with a candle forming the letter "l". Finally "e" is made up by a Christmas gift. The real magic comes once you have pressed all of the buttons beneath each letters in the Google Doodle, but we won't spoil the surprise! To see today's doodle, assuming it's still Christmas Day when you read this, simply visit If it's too late or, for whatever reason you can't see the Doodle, you can watch a clip of it in action below.
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