Halloween Horror Nights 2019 Houses Hype List Ranked!

We're getting hyped up for Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 2019.

Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort have finally revealed its full maze line up for Halloween Horror Nights 2019.

There are 10 houses this year to get excited for, catering for every type of horror genre imaginable. There's ghosts, monsters and murderers galore in the world's biggest Halloween event. HHN29 includes plenty of big names in scares that you already know and lots of home grown ideas that you're yet to meet.

With just under three weeks before HHN begins, fans are excitedly revealing their hype lists. So I thought I'd come up with my own.

10. Depths Of Fear

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights
Universal Orlando

House Overview:

You're trapped in depths of the ocean as a deep sea mining facility's self destruct count down has begun... only you are are not alone. Parasitic creatures called Mouthbrooders have found their way aboard. These monsters from the deep have infected many miners, spewing " flesh-eating acidic eggs at human hosts, and you witness miners being driven mad by the infection."

The Hype:

Depths of Fear is almost certainly going to be a tight, claustrophobic maze. Submarine type vessels aren't exactly known for their spacious, open-plan arrangements. I've heard fans describe its possible likeness to the Bioshock games.

The thought of walking through this house will strike fear and anticipation in the hearts of many and I'm sure this is going to be an uneasy maze to walk through.


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