Harry Potter Book Quiz: How Well Do You Know The Goblet Of Fire?

Are you a true expert on Harry’s adventures in the Triwizard Tournament?

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The Goblet of Fire is a key turning point in the Harry Potter series. As well as being much longer than the first three books, the climax of the novel features Voldemort’s return to power.

As dark as the ending is, the bulk of the story focuses on Harry’s adventures as a champion in the Triwizard Tournament, and all three of the tasks are wonderful to read from start to finish.

The Yule Ball is another great aspect of the Triwizard Tournament, as it provides plenty of comedy due to Harry and Ron’s embarrassing attempts to get a dancing partner.

The Goblet of Fire also contains one of the best plot twists in the whole franchise. The unveiling of Mad-Eye Moody’s true identity is a masterclass in how to mislead the audience whilst simultaneously laying out plenty of clues along the way.

Given the wonderful execution of the plot and the thrilling nature of the Triwizard Tournament, The Goblet of Fire is a strong contender for the best book in the franchise.

How well can you remember the fourth Harry Potter book?

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1. What Is The Name Of The Old Man Who Voldemort Kills In The First Chapter?


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