Harry Potter Book Quiz: Which Chapter Did These Characters Die In?

Only a true Harry Potter fan will get 100% on this challenging quiz...

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Despite starting out as a children’s fantasy series, the Harry Potter books certainly don't hold back when it comes to fatalities. J.K. Rowling has even said that death is the central theme of her books.

From the outset, death is a huge part of Harry’s life. He loses his parents whilst he’s still a baby, and throughout his adolescence, he continues to lose some of his closest companions, such as Sirius Black and Professor Dumbledore.

What’s more, death becomes increasingly prominent in tandem with the darker tone of the later books in the series. The Deathly Hallows is especially brutal and bloody in terms of how many major characters meet their demise. Whilst it’s easy to link the death of a character with a particular book, it's much more difficult to recall the specific chapter in which a character was killed off.

Indeed, there are almost two-hundred chapters in the Harry Potter series. And given Rowling’s knack for teasing her readers, most of the chapter titles give away very little.

Can you remember which chapter the following characters died in?

Answers at the end!

1. Voldemort


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