Hulu Plus Silently Launches On Apple TV

Those of you looking to get subscription based Apple TV are about to have your appetites wet.

without can redeem a 1 week free trial directly through your iTunes account, or alternatively through where you can manually pay. Strangely, Hulu Plus has been available for the iPad and iPhone for quite some time. It's thought the recent launch of Mountain Lion (which allows users to 'mirror' content or stream to the TV) has ushered along a partnership between Apple and Hulu, in a bid to quell users using Hulu's free service, simply title Hulu. As time goes on, we're still waiting for the big announcement of the iTV, but maybe the introduction of these style services is a prelude to just what type of content we'll be offered. Unfortunately for you Brits, there are no legal means to obtain Hulu yet, due to their failed 2009 launch in the UK. Give it time though chaps, they'll come back.

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