iOS 7 For iPhone: Is It Really That Good?

IOS7 This big news this week for nerd herders globally was Apple releasing the new line of iPhone's alongside their new iOS. With the masses themselves likely having the update and not knowing what exactly they are doing on it, I thought I would highlight some of the key changes and if the update itself is really 'all that'. To be clear, I had early beta access so I watched some of the behind the scene changes you won't see in the GM (Golden Master) version of the update, and whilst testing the update on my iPhone 4, I got to feel the changes week-by-week and how they affected my iPhone. However, some of the issues I address may differ as I am the owner of an iPhone 4, which specs completely differ from the 4S and iPhone 5 models. I got the GM version last week and had a fiddle to see if there has been any real improvements or if the feel was of any difference to the beta. Though the review will be directly based upon final release, as that's what we all will be downloading, I may refer once or twice to the beta versions to compare the performance or visuals from beta to GM.
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