iPod: 7 Reasons Why Apple’s Walkman Knock-Off Is Doomed To Fail

6. The Wheel

iPod Wheel No, you run your finger around the surface of the wheel and it works like a scroll on a computer. Apparently. Stop laughing, I'm being serious here! So you take your stubby little finger and sort of draw a semicircle around the surface of the wheel, while watching the screen (which is really small and hard to see, I should add) to try to see when your song comes round. Okay, so now you have your song. DON'T hit that wheel again or you'll lose it! Now VERY GENTLY press on the right side of the wheel --- no DON'T TURN IT! Sigh. Now you have to begin the process all over again. Sorry! The wheel has four keys on it, one for play, one for pause, one for reverse and one for forward. What? Stop? No, there's no stop. What? I don't know why: do I look like Steve Jobs to you? At any rate, once you've mastered the delights of selecting just one song, or maybe an album, you can then lower or raise the volume by, you guessed it, running your finger around that wheel again. But DON'T press it or you'll lose your song and the good ol' ipod will go off searching again, like a dog that thinks a stick has been thrown for it.
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