J.K. Rowling Is No Longer A ‘Billionaire’

After giving over $160 million to charity, Rowling loses her billionaire status.

According to the recently updated €˜Forbes List€™ containing all the official billionaires of the world, J.K Rowling is no longer able to hold a position on it. She now returns to her previous millionaire standing (several hundred times over). This comes as no surprise as the creative virtuosity behind Harry Potter was recorded at giving over $160 million to charity and pays the highest rates of British taxes. Modest J.K won€™t have any qualms on her financial stance having always been a woman of substance over status. Formerly living on welfare and her scarcely financed upbringing, has always been a source of humble understanding of the value of money. There won€™t be any figures outraged by a stratospherically rich writer losing €˜a drop in the ocean€™ of their wealth. J.K is the founder or heavy supporter of 13 charities ranging from €˜saving the forest€™ to €˜dyslexia action€™. She donated £10 million to set up a research clinic in her mother's name in a bid to "unravel the mysteries" of multiple sclerosis in 2010. The story of a struggling writer and single mum with not a penny to her name, becoming a billionaire author with the most successful franchise of all time only needs only a minor tweak. With an upcoming book and the re-opening of Pottermore this April, she may yet regain her title as a self-made billionaire yet.

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