Joe Rogan Experience: 10 Early Gem Podcasts You Might Have Missed

Some of these episodes may not be Spotify approved...


The Joe Rogan Experience is a true behemoth of alternative media, with YouTube views consistently in the millions, and stars from all walks of life practically queueing up to sit across from the UFC commentator in the studio.

Recent events have proven just how influential the JRE is in the modern media landscape, with even Democratic Presidential nominees using the platform to get their message out.

However, the JRE hasn't always been such a prominent part of pop culture as one of the world's most popular podcasts. In its inception in 2010, the show served as an avenue for Joe and his friends primarily from the world of comedy to get high and discuss conspiracy theories.

Going back and watching these episodes illustrate just how much the JRE has changed, not necessarily for better or worse, but it is just a different kind of entertainment. Modern episodes have all the polish and presentation of a network talk show, whereas the old-school JRE had a much more DIY feel.

Newer fans of the podcast who haven't had the chance to explore the archives are in for a real treat, as there's no better place to start than these episodes.

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