Jurassic World's Blue Comes To Universal Parks

She'll be eating (sorry, greeting) guests at Islands of Adventure.

Raptor Blue Univesal
Universal Orlando

One of the stars of the Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has found a new home at Universal's US theme parks.

Blue, the word's most famous raptor is now meeting and greeting guests at both Islands of Adventure in Orlando and Universal Studios Hollywood. The bravest of guests can get up close and personal with Owen Grady's trained dinosaur at the Raptor Encounter. Although there will be a trainer present at all times, there's no guarantee that Blue won't decide that you would make the perfect snack!

Universal have pulled out all the stops to make you feel like you are in the presence of a fearsome predator. Blue will be lunging at guests with her 12 inch claws and 52 pointy teeth. At 12 feet in height she is an intimidating creature. Universal Parks have used the same 3D models from the films to create Blue, making her as realistic as possible.

Blue is arriving over at Universal Studios Hollywood just in time for Jurassic Park - The Ride's Countdown to Extinction. The river adventure ride at Universal's Los Angeles park will be closing this September to make way for Jurassic World Ride. The new attraction will feature all the best bits that we all love from the original ride with brand new technology that is sure to be impressive.

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