Jurassic World - The Ride Opens At Universal Studios Hollywood

The dinosaurs are bigger than ever.

Universal Hollywood Jurassic World
Universal Hollywood

Universal Hollywood's Jurassic World - The Ride has officially opened!

The reimagined ride takes the Jurassic story to the next level. Get ready to get up close with the "colossal Indominus rex" and being a water attraction you can also expect to see the "magnificent aquatic Mosasaurus".

Jurassic World - The Ride will also feature some of the stars from the film franchise including Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard and BD Wong. The trio will "reprise their roles as Owen Grady, Claire Dearing and Dr. Henry Wu" as visitors set sail on a relaxing journey, but things don't quite go to plan.

Jurassic World Raptor Universal Hollywood
Universal Hollywood

The team behind the new attraction worked in collaboration with the creators of the films, including Universal Creative, Industrial Light & Magic and "filmmakers Steven Spielberg, Colin Trevorrow and Frank Marshall".

As well as opening this stunning thrill ride, Universal Hollywood have also just opened a new "Raptor Encounter" area where you can meet Blue from the films. Guests can also meet a baby raptor and a life-size Triceratops.


The ride joins a number of recent dinosaur themed openings at the park, including the Jurassic Cafe and the topical Isla Nu-bar. Here you can enjoy food inspired by Costa Rica and some tropical cocktails. You can even grab a Pina Colada in a Tiki inspired collectable glass.


With Jurassic World - The Ride now open, those in the Los Angeles area may need to be on the look out for any escaped dinosaurs!

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