Jurassic World Themed Rollercoaster Coming To Universal Orlando?

Hold on to your butts.

Are Universal Orlando's Islands of Adventure readying construction on a new roller coaster in its Jurassic Park area?

Rumours of a new Jurassic Park ride at Universal Orlando Resort have been around since at least last Spring, but finally now there appears to be clear signs that a new coaster may be round the corner.

Inside Universal have confirmed construction walls have sprung up in the past week and a number of kiosks were relocated earlier this month. Could an announcement not be too far away?

Rumours suggest that the new coaster will be high-speed with fast turning corners. Perhaps the perfect coaster to feel like you are riding with raptors?

Front runners for manufacturing the coaster are Intamin (the company behind the new Harry Potter ride). Intamin previously created Taron at Phantasialand, a coaster which briefly held the title of the World's fastest multi launch coaster. The company were also responsible for Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens, so I imagine we can expect a similar coaster here.

Location wise, the coaster will likely be placed along the Jurassic Park area's water front (with possible supports in the lake) and replace the Triceratops Encounter which closed permanently in 2010. The new coaster may also mean that the brilliant Raptor Encounter may need to be temporarily relocated while construction takes place.

So far it isn't clear as to whether the new ride will be themed to Jurassic World or Jurassic Park. And if it is Jurassic World, does that mean the whole area will eventually be revamped?

Jurassic Park River Adventure

Jurassic World is certainly a more relevant brand with younger guests. If the rumours are true this is certainly an exciting development at Islands of Adventure. Fans of the park lamented the loss of Dragon Challenge, leaving thrill seekers only The Incredible Hulk. Perhaps the new Jurassic Park coaster will be the perfect antidote to those post Dragon blues.

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