Kate Upton Topless Riding Horse Video Emerges

TMZ have obtained a video of model and internet sensation Kate Upton TOPLESS, performing a Lady Godiva impression as she takes her kit off on a horse. The Sports Illustrated cover girl is (finally!) shown exposing her bare breasts in the saucy photo shoot, a day that many a straight men have dreamed about and which has now become a reality. The video below shows the buxom blonde's recent photo shoot where she is seen on horse back, before being told by her photographer to strip before they lose the sunlight for the shoot. Initially Upton attempts to cover up her rather significant assets with her hands before the 21-year-old eventually finds that too difficult on the white horse and she instead lets everything hang out. Not usually known for being too kind to celebrities and their misfortunes, the celebrity website TMZ decided to censor Upton's breasts for modesty (and legal?) purposes. To rub it in to those frustrated that they weren't able to witness the censored version, TMZ then uploaded a video of their staffers reaction as they watched the uncensored version. It's days like this when you wonder whether you are working for the wrong online internet publication!
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