LEGO Unveil Largest Ever Rollercoaster Set

Just gotta ride it...

LEGO Coaster 4

As anyone who spent years playing Rollercoaster Tycoon will attest, there's nothing beats the pure joy of building your own rollercoaster without the real world concerns of having to make sure nobody falls off.

So it's very exciting to reveal that LEGO have just announced a brand new enormous rollercoaster set that hits stores and from 16th May 2018. The huge LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster features an almighty 4,124 pieces and measures over 20” (53cm) high, 34” (88cm) wide and 16” (41cm) deep. In short, it's one for SERIOUS LEGO fans.

The LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster boasts cutting-edge and intricate details, featuring a fully functional chain-lift, two trains with low-friction wheels, and a 44-piece track consisting of 7 different rail elements.

And excitingly, you can take your LEGO Roller Coaster build experience to the next level by upgrading with LEGO BOOST for the first time or LEGO Power functions to see the Roller Coaster power itself with a motorised chain lift and realistic sound effects.

There are five new elements for real collectors to get excited about, plus 11 minifigures with reversible heads to ride the coaster, a classic ticket booth, cotton candy cart, concession stand, height marker, and a covered boarding station complete with opening barriers and a control panel.

Here's some more looks at the set...

LEGO Coaster
LEGO Coaster Box
Coaster 3

The LEGO Creator Expert Roller Coaster will be available directly from LEGO Stores & from 16th May, 2018 to VIP members and is on sale to everyone else on 1st June, priced at £299.99

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