Pugs Vs Cats : 6 Reasons The World Became Obsessed With Cute Animals

A battle that has gone unresolved for centuries continues within this very article...

Since the dawn of time, planet Earth has witnessed its fair share of battles. Yet there is one that stretches back through the annals of civilisation. It supersedes The Great War; World War Two; and Vietnam. It raged amidst the backdrop of the Roman Empire; and outlived the Spartan rebellion against Persia. Even today, the conflict continues to divide peoples and families, turning friendships into rivalries and splitting humanity at its very core. Yes, I am talking about the never-ending battle between cats and dogs...or pugs, to be more specific. Why are we so obsessed with them? It can't be their tendency to void their bowels and bladder at inopportune moments; or their habit of clawing at the newly-fitted carpet or couch. It must be their knack for getting into the wardrobe and shredding your new dress or your best-pressed suit. Yeah, that's it right? Whatever it is, we can't get enough of them. From their tiny wet noses to the pads of their paws; cats and pugs know their way to our heart and have done since anybody can remember. Are we complaining? Of course, we're not. If it's small and fluffy it can do no wrong, leaving us with only one question - which is better? As Harry Hill would say, "I like cats. But I like pugs. Which one is better? There's only one way to find out...fight!"
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