Quiz: Flags Of The World!

A standard test.

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There are those who say that flag aficionados (or vexillologists, to give us our proper name) are, in the words of Alan Partridge, "saaaaaaaaa-aaaad". We say they don't know what they're talking about.

When they're not being angrily waved by bile-spewing reprobates at pro-nationalist rallies - or worse, tweely wafted by toffs on the last night of the Proms - flags are bags of fun. In a single image, one can get a feel for an entire nation's culture, history, and proficiency in Photoshop. The very best hoist heritage alongside simple, sleek design - we're looking at you, Japan. Others are a distress of details. For example, Swaziland (or eSwatini as it's now inexplicably known), is all a bit much.

But whether good or bad, us in the canton club love them all - even Kiribati's belief-beggaring banner (a giant frigatebird fleeing a world on fire, for those not in the know).

The best part of the winner's world of vexillology is telling all (both) your friends the tasty trivia - and then testing them about it later. Hence this quiz. Will you pass with flying colours, or will you be left flagging?

1. Let's Start With An Easy One: Which Country Does The Above Flag Belong To?

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