Quiz: How Well Do You Know World War One?

Get out of the trench and over the top - take our quiz to end all quizzes.

Over The Top

This November marks the 100 year anniversary of the ending of World War One. At the time, it was called "The war to end all wars" - but global tensions would violently erupt again less than two decades later.

The war began shortly after the assassination of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand (heir to the Austro-Hungarian heir) on 28 June 1914. Tensions on the continent had been festering for some time, but the event sparked a powder keg of hostilities as alliances were quickly drawn among the major European powers.

The conflict would usher in several modern innovations of weaponry and technology, such as aerial bombing, poison gas, combat tanks, and quick-firing artillery. The horrors of trench warfare would also contribute to massive carnage and destruction on a scale never seen before.

When the war finally ended, over 16 million people had been killed, including an unprecedented number of civilians. Although most of the fighting took place on the European mainland, WWI involved more than 100 countries from all corners of the globe.

Additionally, the political landscape would change forever as several ruling dynasties collapsed, resulting in wide spread revolutions, social unrest and countless new borders.

1. How Many Casualties Did The British Army Suffer During The First Day At The Battle Of The Somme?


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