Ranking Game of Thrones Books: From Best To Worst

Thrones-CoverA Song Of Fire And Ice Series : From Best to Worst I would have thought that my Game of Thrones withdrawal would pass by now, what with the show having ended its 3rd Season almost two months ago. But the cravings have still not gone away and having already rewatched all three seasons, the only thing left to do that would satisfy them is rereading the books, something a lot of people seem to be doing to pass the time. The only hard part was deciding which to read first. They're all masterpieces of fiction but even the most die hard fan must acknowledge that some are better than others. It's a debate that goes on in a lot of forums and in a lot of people's heads, including mine. Finally, I was able to compile a list of rankings, from worst (or least favorite. Remember, they're all amazing.) to best (or most favorite). Without further ado, let's begin.

5. A Feast For Crows

A-Feast-For-Crows-a-song-of-ice-and-fire-31498078-529-352 I find that most people agree with me in this one particularly, though the lower end of the list changes depending on the person. But a lot of people who read A Feast For Crows after reading the three books prior and waiting 5 long years for this one, were disappointed. And it's not hard to see why. Whereas the books right before, A Storm of Swords, was full of action and adventure with great stories for the most loved characters, A Feast For Crows seemed to be in a lull where nothing much really happened. Sure, a lot of the point of view characters heard of interesting things happening across the Narrow Sea or far away, but nothing really seemed to be happening to them and that was this books biggest problem. The Cersei chapters, which were a large chunk of the book, showed her doing nothing but creating one problem after another. The same could be said of the Sansa chapters and a lot of Samwell's. There wasn't much momentum pushing the story forward, which is a big problem for a book thats a thousand pages long. Some of this was necessary set up for future books, but a lot of it really wasn't. None of it was bad, but a lot of it was pointless. Another issue people took with the book was the lack of any chapters for Jon, Tyrion, and Deanery's. These are probably the most beloved characters still alive in the books and a book without them playing any major part felt very much lacking. However, there were some highlights that made the book enjoyable. It did feature a lot of development for Jaime, showing him maturing into a much better person and a successful leader. Him handling the Siege of Riverrun, among other things, was genuinely exciting and added some adventure to a book that was otherwise mostly setup. Let me reiterate, none of it was bad setup and most of it prepared for the exciting things that were set to come down the road for the characters. Still, people didn't wait five years for setup and the book, while still good, is easily the least favorited of the series.

I'm a student and I'm doing this because I love it. I love writing and talking about the interesting things on television. I'm crazy about Game of Thrones and Mad Men.