Samsung Galaxy S4: Top 4 Features Revealed At The Launch

samsung (1) The fight to create the best smartphone has continued this week as the Korean company Samsung unveiled the new version of their best selling phone, the Galaxy S. A packed out Radio City Music Hall in Manhattan were given a look at Samsung's biggest assault on their rivals, Apple, yet - they were shown the Galaxy S4. Previous models of the phone have proved the greatest threat to the domination of the iPhone. Samsung will be hoping that this device will steal even more of apple's customers. But if this is to happen it will be vitally important that the Galaxy 4 has features that really stand out - features that set it aside from all other phones. And after the launch it is clear that Samsung achieve this in some respects, with the company showing an abundance of eye-catching features. Here are the 4 main things Samsung boasted...

4. "Slimmer Yet Stronger".

1aaa (1) During the launch Samsung claimed that the fact their new device is slimmer does not mean it has weakened it in any way. The S4 is only 7.9mm thick which is the thinnest Galaxy S yet - it is also a very light 130 grams. Despite this, the screen is still a massive 5 inches, and in stunning HD. The witty phrase that Samsung came up with to sum that all up was "less to hold and more to see". Cliches aside, this seems like it is going to be a real strong point for the phone.

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