Saw: The Games Of Jigsaw Coming To Halloween Horror Nights

The games are about to begin at Halloween Horror Nights.

Saw Games of Jigsaw Halloween Horror Nights Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando

Jigsaw is back and he's ready to play a few games.

After 8 years away Saw is finally returning to Halloween Horror Nights Orlando this horror season!

This year's mouth-watering Saw: The Games of Jigsaw is a house that will essentially be "one large trap". The maze will feature some "nods" to the 2009 maze, but this isn't a repeat, it's brand new.

The focus of this maze is the evolution of Jigsaw. The maze will be in a brand new location and although it will feature some familiar traps there will be all new games to play.

According to Universal "you’ll be funnelled through claustrophobic, visceral experiences and be a part of the most terrifying “games” ever devised on screen." It's a maze that won't just make you jump, all of your senses are going to be overloaded!

The new Jigsaw movie is set to open this Halloween so HHN fans might get a sneak preview of the film with this maze. Universal even confirmed on their blog that "you’ll be part of a living preview of a trap featured in the new film JIGSAW ".

So far 4 out of the 9 houses have been revealed for HHN27. With only one month left to go before the event begins, we can expect lots of announcements coming our way very soon.

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