Teenager Sells Kidney For iPad

Kid from China was so desperate to get his hands on Apple products that he decided to sell his kidney

It was easy to ridicule the people who queued for days outside the Apple store in order to be the first to get their hands on the new Ipad 3. Especially when it was perfectly possible to walk into your nearest Comet on the day of the launch and pick one up without have to resort to camping on the pavement. But their dedication pales into insignificance next to one Chinese 17 year old and the extremes he went to be a proud owner of a new iPhone and iPad.

Identified only as Wang from Anhui Province, he was so desperate for the Apple products that he decided to sell his kidney to raise enough money to buy them. His mother only realized what he had done when she questioned him on how he managed to buy an Iphone and Ipad with his own money.

Five people have been arrested including the doctor who performed the operation. It appears they were paid 220,000 yuan (£20,000) for the kidney of which they gave the teenager 22,000 yuan (£2000) and split the rest between themselves. Its unclear who paid for and received the Kidney.

China outlawed trading human organs only in 2007 and introduced a voluntary scheme in an attempt to combat the problem. But still only a fraction of the people who are in need of a transplant are able to get a legal donation and often turn to the black market in desperation.

Wang is now suffering from renal deficiency and ironically may need a kidney transplant. Some people are calling on Apple to now fund his medical treatment considering all the free publicity they have received.


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