The Dark Arts At Hogwarts Has Come To Universal Orlando Resort

Watch out for Death Eaters and Dementors at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Dark Arts At Hogwarts Universal Orlando Resort
Universal Orlando

As the dark nights draw in, evil is beginning to grow at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort.

"The Dark Arts at Hogwarts" is a brand new projection and special effects show that will be taking over the famous wizard school at Islands of Adventure this Halloween season.

Guests will experience the "sinister" side of the Wizarding World as Dementors, Death Eaters and a whole host of dark creatures take over Hogwarts. Keep a watchful eye out for the huge spider Aragog, the daft but dangerous Mountain Troll and Thestrals. The skeletal winged-horse like creatures called Thestrals are known to be bringers of bad luck, let's hope they don't bring any your way.

It isn't safe in Hogsmeade Village this fall. Death Eaters, loyal followers of Lord Voldemort roam the streets so muggles need to be prepared. Visitors to the Wizarding World will need to work together to conjure the powerful patronus spell to stop the dark magic of the Dementors in their path.

"The Dark Arts at Hogwarts" will be running on select nights between 14th September and 15th November at Universal Orlando Resort. For more information as to when you catch the new show at Islands of Adventure see Universal Orlando's website

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