The Joe Rogan Experience Quiz: How Well Have You Been Listening?

It hasn't just been Jiu-Jitzu and DMT after all...

Joe Rogan Experience

With his recent Spotify deal being worth as much if not more than $100,000,000, it's safe to say that Joe Rogan and his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, are far and away the biggest form of the media. Starting out just as recorded conversations with friends for nothing more than good banter, Rogan has slowly become a leading spearhead in the podcasting movement. With his influence all over said movement, it should've come as no surprise when Spotify announced just how much coin UFC's famed commentator was bringing in.

Joe has managed over 1500 episodes as of writing, with a new episode every few days bringing in new perspectives from fighters, comedians, political commentators - you name it, he's had them on. Just about everyone from Kevin Hart to Jordan Peterson to Mike Tyson to, of course, a weed-trying Elon Musk have made appearances on the program.

Of course, when you've got such a storied history with SO many different guests, remembering all the details can become tricky business. So, to the Joe Rogan enthusiasts, the challenge is on the table - do you remember these iconic moments?

1. Which Political Commentator Said They Didn't Believe In Climate Change?


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