The Titans Of Terror Are Coming To Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood

Chucky is back and he's ready to play.

Not content with just one horror movie slasher, this year four of the greats are coming out to play this Halloween at Universal Studios.

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood have announced their fourth house this year, Titans of Terror.

This maze will be based around three of the biggest names in horror, Leatherface, Jason and Freddy Krueger. Guests will travel into the horror fuelled "forbidden realms" of these slasher extraordinaries.


The Director of Creative Development & Exec Show Producer, John Murdy, revealed that the facade of the maze will be a typical suburban home. The house is the home of an uber horror fan who gave up his attempt to create his own "home haunt". They decide to watch a marathon of their favourite scary movies instead. As you walk through the front door get ready to enter a nightmare filled with machetes, chainsaws and bladed gloves.

Don't think you will be able to escape the horror with a pleasant tram ride. The Terror Tram this year is being hosted by the most murderous doll of them all, Chucky.


Chucky is ready to play as you head off on his Titans of Terror Tram. Jason, Freddy and Leatherface all join Chucky in a Tram ride from your worst nightmares.

Murdy confirmed that the team worked directly with the creators of the Child's Play movies, including Chucky himself Brad Dourif.


Chucky will take over the screens on the Tram and lead you on a terrifying tour featuring the Titans of Terror. Of course " his faithful army of degenerate chainsaw-wielding Good Guy Dolls" will be there too.

Halloween Horror Nights Hollywood still have three maze announcements left to make but we already know all three of the Scare Zones. There's...

Hell-O-Ween: a trick or treat nightmare in through the streets of New York.

Toxic Tunnel: a gas leak in a tunnel has turned people into subhuman zombies.

Urban Inferno: a Hell of a Scare Zone, filled with Satanic Demons and monstrous creatures.

Tickets are already on sale for Halloween Horror Nights including the Front of Line tickets and R.I.P Tours.

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