The ULTIMATE General Knowledge Quiz!

How well-rounded is your quizzing knowledge?

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General knowledge is defined as information which has been accumulated over time through various means. Largely, a general knowledge quiz features some pretty useless information which we'll never actually use in practical life... but it's fun to test ourselves nonetheless!

High-scorers of general knowledge tests are often considered the most intelligent portion of the population. We're not saying you're unintelligent if you don't know the national animal of Scotland (we definitely are...) but an impressive performance on this quiz should correlate with a similar score on an IQ test. More experience in life is also thought to be an advantage going into a quiz like this, so if you score poorly don't worry, simply go travelling for a year, maybe join a Vanuatu tribe, learn a new language, and then come back and try again!

Can you name the capital cities of small South American nations? What about the national animal of countries as small as Fiji? Or even the inventor of games like Cluedo? General knowledge covers all of these little to no use facts, but how many could you answer correctly?

Find out in our general knowledge quiz!

Answers at the end!

1. What Is The National Animal Of Scotland?

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