Top 10 Interactive Google Doodles

10.Valentine's Day And George Ferris' 154th Birthday: February 14th 2013

Valentines Doodle Every so often a date rolls around that has multiple doodle-worthy events, turns out February 14th is one of them. Not only is it the day that the world celebrates Valentine€™s Day but it€™s also the birthday of George Ferris Jr. the inventor of the Ferris Wheel. In 2013 the team of Doodlers combined the two events, resulting in a doodle that saw the Google letters turned into fairground rides and animals falling in love on the Ferris Wheels. Users would press a button and the wheels would spin. Once they stopped two animals would meet across the wheels and would proceed to go on a date, shown by comic like illustrations. Some dates would go well, whereas others, not so much. Not only is this doodle one of the funnier ones on the list (the date between the bear and octopus makes me giggle every time) it€™s also perfectly displayed. The little things such as the moving rides in the background or the little line to show the moment of €˜love at first sight€™ across the Ferris Wheels are the details that make this doodle one of the more polished and complex on the list.
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