Toy Story Land: 5 Ups And 4 Downs

4. It's Perfect For Photos

Toy Story Land Disney World
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If you love getting the best pictures for Instagram then Toy Story Land is bit of a dream.

The land is filled with colour and at night transforms thanks to the Christmas lights that hang above your head. There's plenty of decorated walls to get that perfect selfie or #ootd shot. The wall made from painted wooden building blocks will be popular for selfies, as will the pastel coloured popsicle stick wall.

If you’re not in it for the ‘Gram, there’s still plenty of great opportunities for great family photos. There's plenty of PhotoPass Photographers around who are ready to take your family photo with some amazing backgrounds. There's Woody at the front of the park, the green aliens in front of the Swirling Saucer rides and a giant Buzz Lightyear at the ride's entrance.

At night Toy Story Land is just as colourful. The Christmas lights come to life and Slinky Dog lights up the track as he races around. The brightly coloured lights bring to life Andy's garden as nighttime falls.


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