True Story Of Walt Disney World's Lost Beastly Kingdom

Before Pandora, Animal Kingdom was set to open a mystical land filled with unicorns and dragons...


Animal Kingdom is arguably the king of "half day" parks. In other words, millions of people visit the park every year just to leave by noon. The notion that something is missing from Animal Kingdom has been said by lovers of the Disney parks since its opening back in 1998. And as it would turn out, the naysayers may actually be onto something.

Long before the opening of Pandora as a response to negative opinions, there was a magical land sculpted and conceptualized for the original layout of Animal Kingdom.

This land was called Beastly Kingdom and it was meant to be the land of mythical creatures representing the "future" in the park's popular phrase, "Animals of the past, present and future". But, as Disney ran out of money (in the 90's, Disney could still run out of money) the construction of Beastly Kingdom came to a permanent halt.

But thanks to concept art and rumours, we have some idea of what it would have looked like...


5. Two Realms


The original concept art of the buried land showed two "realms" for guests to enjoy.

On one side, the good realm would have showcased lush bushes, Greek temples, and a pegasus serving the fans of fantastical mythology.

On the other, the evil realm served fans of adventurous mythology with thrill rides and fire breathing dragons.


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