Universal Orlando Announce Halloween Horror Nights House: Depths Of Fear

Are you ready to face the creatures of the deep?

Universal Orlando

It might only be Spring, but Universal Orlando Resort are already in the mood for Halloween.

Universal have announced the 4th house in their line up of 10 mazes for this year's Halloween Horror Nights, Depths of Fear. This original concept maze will take you down beneath the sea and into the darkness below.

If you're brave enough to face the house you will take a journey under the water and into a deep-sea mining facility. The miners here have ventured too far into the unknown and have come across "a parasitic race of creatures", known as "Mouthbrooders”. The Mouthbrooders are bringing chaos aboard the capsule and you'll be trapped there with them.


All around you'll see terrifying Mouthbrooders "spew flesh-eating acidic eggs at human hosts" and the miners going "being driven mad by the infection". Whilst you are surrounded by these "slithering" beings, the claustrophobia inducing facility you are trapped aboard is heading into melt down. The self-destruct sequence has begun and the "inevitable implosion" is getting closer.

Depths of Fear joins an exciting line up of houses for this year's event including Universal Monsters and Stranger Things.


Halloween Horror Nights 2019 is set to run between 6th September – 2nd November. Tickets are on sale now for HHN29.

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