Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights 30: Jack The Clown Returns

HHN30 is back and so is the event's most famous clown.

Universal Orlando Halloween Horror Nights Jack
Universal Orlando Resort

Universal Orlando Resort's Halloween Horror Nights returns this year to celebrate 30 years of screams. HHN isn't the only thing that has returned, the event's most famous icon Jack the Clown is back.

The crown Prince of Halloween Horror Nights, Jack is out to cause mayhem once again. The murderous clown will be an " ominous and unrelenting presence" throughout the whole of HHN30, with "Jack Attacks" bringing screams to the lips of guests. Jack will "infiltrate every aspect" of Halloween Horror Nights, including the streets of Universal Studios Florida and this year's haunted houses.

Jack the Clown Universal Halloween Horror
Universal Orlando

Jack has a rather terrifying history. He started out in the 1920's as Jack Schmidt, a performing clown at Oddball's travelling circus. Jack was a clown with a taste for murder who would find himself the victim of one when Oddball learned of his love for killing. Oddball locked Jack's body away in a "Jack in the Box" where he stayed until he was unleashed in 2000, finding a home at Halloween Horror Nights.


Over Halloween Horror Night's 30 year history, Jack has been the event's icon numerous times, becoming the ringmaster at the Carnival of Carnage in 2007 and once again at the event's 25 year anniversary in 2015. It seems only fitting that Jack should return to host Halloween Horror Nights for the 30th year celebrations.

If you think you can escape Jack at your resort, think again. Cabana Bay Resort will feature the “Jack’d Up” experience to give you a closer look at him and some"sinister environments inspired by his past invasions".


Cabana Bay's Swizzle Lounge will also become “Horror Icons Bar,” featuring speciality drinks and food as well as props costumes which pay tribute to past HHN Icons.


Halloween Horror Nights this year will feature terrifying houses, including the already announced Beetlejuice. Fear will be returning to the streets of Universal Studios Florida. If you think you can make it through the night without a scare... well you don't know Jack.

Tickets have now gone on sale for this year's event. Halloween Horror Nights 30 will be running on select nights between 3rd September and 31st October.

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