Universal Orlando Resort's Water Theme Park Volcano Bay Reopens

Water theme park season has officially begun at Universal Orlando Resort.

Volcano Bay Universal Orlando
Universal Orlando

Universal Orlando Resort has officially declared that water park season is underway with the reopening of its water theme park, Volcano Bay.

The unique aqua park has been closed since November 2020 for the winter season but finally reopened its doors to eager fans on 27th February.

Guests can return to relaxing drift "down Kopiko Wai Winding River". Perhaps you might prefer a wild ride down Ko’okiri Body Plunge right through Krakatau volcano. Volcano Bay's interactive TapuTapu bands are returning so that guests can avoid queuing in long lines by tapping into a ride and also play with some of the features in the park.


To celebrate the return of epically fun Krakatau Aqua Coaster and the warming sands of Waturi Beach, Universal Orlando have released a relaxing sunrise video, showcasing the beautiful views of Volcano Bay.


Like Universal's other theme parks, Volcano Bay currently has a number of health and safety precautions in place to make sure that all their guests are kept safe. Along with temperature checks, Universal are also limiting the amount of guests who can enter to ensure social distancing. Face coverings are also required inside the parks shops and restaurants.

Volcano Bay is a water park like no other, so it's great to be able to grab your towel and flip flops and head to Waturi Beach again.

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