Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights 2021 Announce Puppet Theater: Captive Audience

Universal give a peek behind the curtain of the first maze announced for HHN 2021.

Halloween season isn't even over this year, but Universal Orlando Resort are already planning for the next one.

Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights has announced its first house for their 2021 event, Puppet Theater: Captive Audience.


Set in San Francisco, Eastern European style puppet theatre performers go insane after becoming trapped following an earthquake. The troupe are on the look out to make new puppets and you might just be the perfect candidate.

Not just happy with giving us a house announcement, Universal have also given us a behind the scenes look at the new house.

Universal Orlando Resort

Award winning producer of the Walking Dead Greg Nicotero and Halloween Horror Nights creatives Michael Aiello and Charles Grey give us a look around Puppet Theater: Captive Audience.

The horror aficionados show just what goes into making a HHN house. You'll see how the team plan on scaring you at next year's event with sound triggers, misdirection and a closer look at the house's masks. Just don't think they are going to give away all their secrets, there'll be plenty of scares still to be had!


Halloween Horror Nights has not taken place this year, but fans can still experience two mazes during park opening hours. Guests can enjoy Revenge of the Tooth Fairy and Universal Monsters: The Bride of Frankenstein Lives for no extra cost until 1st November.

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