Universal Theme Parks 2024 & Beyond: 10 Reasons To Be Excited

9. Donkey Kong Country At Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studios Orlando
Universal Studios Japan

Opening to guests later this year, Universal Studios Japan's Donkey Kong Country will be expanding its already popular Super Nintendo World.

When Super Nintendo World opened its doors in 2021, the land was an instant hit with gamers and it wasn't very long before the addition of Donkey Kong to the likes of Super Mario and Luigi.

Donkey Kong Country will take you into the jungle and onto a coaster. The state-of-the-art coaster promises everyone a wild ride as just like in the video game the mine cart coaster will "jump" across seemingly "missing" pieces of track.

The new land also brings with it new Power-Up Bands, a wristband that allows guests to interact with the world around them and play games.

There isn't yet a confirmed opening date for the Donkey Kong expansion but we suspect it won't be long before Universal drop an official reveal.


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