We Rank All The Rides At Disney's California Adventure

Which rides are "Incredible" at Disney California Adventure?

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California Adventure at Disneyland is a pretty fun theme park. There's plenty of attractions for the entire family, be it cute rides with a famous Disney mermaid to a a music-filled adventure with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Often overlooked for its more famous sister park next door, California Adventure is a colourful haven filled with lots of Pixar and delicious eating establishments. Make sure that you take at least a day out of your vacation at the Happiest Place on Earth in California Adventure.

There is plenty to keep you busy during your visit including 16 rides to enjoy. We've put together our list of what's good and what's maybe not so good. We sort out the rides that are kids only from those that fun for everyone in the family.

Here are our favourite rides at Disney's California Adventure...

16. Jumpin' Jellyfish

Jumpin' Jellyfish Disneyland
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A parachute style ride based on Finding Nemo, perfect to give the smaller members of your party a thrill.

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