What Really Happens In Your Last 24 Hours On Death Row?

9. Last Meal

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In movies depicting an execution, the prisoner is often given the option of a last meal. In film and television, this is often whatever the condemned wishes that are within reason. If they want steak and potatoes, it's not a problem. Louisiana Cajun gumbo isn't a request that could be denied either, so it's interesting to think about what your last meal might be should you ever be given the option.

Unfortunately, reality and Hollywood don't often get along where executions are concerned, and the last meal has been glorified in the media as something special. It's really nothing of the sort, and in most prisons around the country, a last meal is going to be just that, and nothing special.

Most prisons offer a maximum allowance for what a prisoner can get, so a filet mignon is pretty much off the table. In some states, that limit might be around $15 or $20, so it's not going to get the prisoner much of anything particularly amazing, but it would easily cover their favorite Value Meal at McDonald's.

In a lot of prisons, the prisoner doesn't have much of a choice at all. They will get to "choose" whatever they want that was already on the menu for the prison that day. If it's mac & cheese, that's what the last meal is going to be.

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