You Won't Believe The Penis-Shaped Toy Play-Doh Had To Recall

You know... for kids.

Toy maker Hasbro has recently been forced to remove an unfortunately shaped part from its Play-Doh Sweet Shoppe Cake Mountain play-set. The part singled out for complaints by shocked parents on Facebook was the penis-shaped icing extruder, complete with vein-like ridges and purple insert. The only thing that could make this toy any more phallic would be to squeeze white Play-doh out of the end... ah, but since the toy was used to "ice" the cake in the play-set, presumably white Play-doh was the most common choice...

New versions of the play-set will include a different extruder, and Hasbro has offered to replace any sets already sold if customers contact their customer services department. However, as of today's date, the original piece is still visible on their website. Given the obviously questionable shape of the toy, customers can reasonably wonder whether Hasbro executives actually look at the toys produced by their company. This isn't Hasbro's first brush with an inappropriate toy: in 2010, a Transformer's toy was, unbelievably, named Spastic. Due to complaints, this toy (pictured below) was removed from sale in the UK. Here's hoping Hasbro can maintain their "winning" streak and provide the world with another amusing faux pas soon.
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