You'll Never Get 100% On This Batman: The Animated Series Quiz

Looking back at BTAS as it celebrates its 27th birthday!

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To this day, many hold Batman: The Animated Series on a pedestal all of its own in terms of being a game-changing animated show that still rewards repeated visits even now. Not just a phenomenon of animation, though, for Batman: The Animated Series was a marvel of television, period.

With numerous awards - including several Emmy Awards - to its name, this Kevin Conroy-headlined series was a staple of so many childhoods while still operating on a level that made the show appealing to adults. And to only further highlight the influence of Batman: The Animated Series, the voice of Conroy's Caped Crusader is the voice that so many people hear in their head when reading the Bat-books of today.

As it happens, September 5th, 1992 was the date that the very first episode of Batman: The Animated Series aired - meaning that the show has just celebrated 27 years. Even now, BTAS is the absolute benchmark on how to tell a superhero story that works on numerous levels for numerous demographics.

How well do you remember this fan favourite series, though? Here, there's a quiz that even the biggest Bat-fan will struggle to get 100% on!

1. Which Villain Is The Focus Of The Very First Episode, 'On Leather Wings'?

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